Triquetra’s Custom-Made Wedding Albums

Curious about what the weddings albums at Triquetra are like? You’re in for a whole lot of awesome.

Included with either wedding photography package you choose for your awesome wedding day, you’ll receive a credit for a custom-made 10×10 wedding album. And these aren’t just any old wedding albums. The albums we use at Triquetra are absolutely killer.

I wish you could feel these albums through your screen (and you’ll be able to see this album during our in-person meetings! You can get all handsy with it). When the first album we ordered arrived, I was absolutely floored. These wedding albums are prominent and impressive. As you can see in one of the pictures below, there’s nothing “thin” about these albums either. They are as tall as a lego person version of Thor, and they’re hefty and sturdy.

Covers are available in knock-your-socks-off leather, as well as a gorgeous variety of colors in linen and silk. The album below has a slate gray cover of thick leather, and the names and dates of the couple are debossed on the front.

Inside the album is even more impressive. The color and vibrance of the pictures are stunning. Seriously. Scroll down to the picture of their wedding cake. Don’t you want to eat it off the page? And because it’s a 10×10 inch album, the inside spreads are 20 inches across. Plenty of room for delicious full page spreads, or an assortment of collages that tell your story.



Aren’t these wedding albums amazing?? I could seriously look at one all day long. If you want to get your hands on one of these to lust after, just contact us! After your wedding, we will edit your pictures and tailor make an album just for you and your sweetie. And it will be gorgeous.

If you have any questions, just let us know! We love making these albums. They truly are such a special memory of your wedding or ceremony.


Luke & Laura’s Snowy Winter Wedding in Virginia | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Luke and Laura’s winter wedding was so awesome to shoot. I’ve known Laura since we were both in the third grade, and we went to school together all growing up. Laura has such a unique style and glamour. I couldn’t wait to see how she and Luke chose to celebrate; their wedding was filled with greenery, light, and Laura’s grandmother’s fur shawl for a touch of familial warmth.

Laura’s engagement ring is pearl and so stunning. Her bridesmaids wore short green dresses in various styles and hues that looked adorable together, and Luke’s boutonniere was made from greenery and matched Laura’s bouquet. She got ready in the Sunday school room of the Episcopal church she grew up in, so we made awesome use of the small colorful chairs for pictures.

Even more awesome? After the wedding, the recessional continued out the doors of the church and it was snowing! Birdseed was shoved down Luke’s suit lovingly tossed and then we got some gorgeous wedding snow pictures. Seriously. Snowflakes in eyelashes. Can’t get much better than that.

Luke and Laura then moved the party and had a renovated barn reception. There were lights and tulle covering the rafters, giant heaters to combat the snowy cold, and delicious food and wine. It was a wonderful end to a joyous country wedding.


Questions about booking Triquetra Photography for your own wedding? Contact us and let’s chat!

Let’s celebrate Illinois Marriage Equality with wedding photography!

We are SO excited that marriage equality has come to Illinois, and we want to celebrate in epic Triquetra style. Not only is this a super awesome leap forward in human rights, but it’s super important to Triquetra too. Jacqueline and Victoria were married in Washington, D.C. three years ago and are finally living in a state where their marriage is recognized. We are all so excited for everyone in Illinois who can now express their love legally.

So, let’s celebrate!

We’re offering a kickass discount to one kickass couple – half off either of our two awesome wedding photography packages. BAM! This deal still includes two photographers, USB of images, complimentary engagement session, and the album credit listed with each package. You can have your cake and eat it too. And we’ll be there to photograph it.

Discounted wedding photography gay lesbian weddings

Here’s how you qualify:
1) Be a gay or lesbian couple!
2) Be getting legally married in Illinois
3) Have your wedding within the next 12 months, by May 1, 2015

Here’s how you enter:
Tell us your story! Leave a comment on this blog post, or email us at weddings [@] Introduce you and your partner, tell us why you guys are so rad, and give us an idea of what you’re thinking for your wedding and what your wedding date is.

Submit your story by Wednesday, April 30, 2014, to enter the giveaway.

That’s it! We’ll contact everyone by Wednesday, May 7, 2014 to let you know the results. (No other promotions apply.)

Can’t wait to get to know you!


We’ve partnered with Early2Bed to make this awesome contest even better! Early2Bed is Chicago’s awesome feminist sex shop, where you can buy all sorts of safe and fun toys, take classes, get your questions answered, and support the Chicago LGBT community. They’ve offered a $100 gift certificate to the contest winner!! Not only will you get epic wedding photography for half price, but you’ll have some spending money to make for a pretty great and adventurous honeymoon! You can visit their shop online, or stop by their location 5044 North Clark Street in Andersonville. For more info about Early2Bed, I highly recommended checking out their About Page.

Get in touch, and pass the news to your friends!

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer – Part 2, How to Read Photographers’ Websites

Hey, welcome back!

Have you ever been searching for a photographer, only to get lost and confused by their website?

Me too! And I am a photographer. So in this post, I’m covering how to demystify the photographer’s website.

In our last post, we covered how to start researching your ideal wedding photographer. Next up? How to untangle the mysterious world of a photographer’s website. This guide will help you identify the important parts of a wedding photographer’s website, and how to find them.

Tips on what to look for on a wedding photographer

Awesome wedding exit in the snow with bird seed by Triquetra Wedding Photography

When you first open a photographer’s website, there are a few things you probably want to know sooner rather than later.

1) Their pricing, since budgets are always a consideration

2) Their primary location, which greatly affects whether they’ll work out

3) Their previous work, in order to see if you like their style

But where do you find all that information? On some photographer’s websites, this information is pretty easy to find. Props to them! On others, it can be far more difficult than necessary. In my research, I’ve seen many photographers’ websites, so I’ll share what’s common and what you can expect.

(A word of warning: Many photographers’ websites have background music playing on the home page, so know where your mute button is before beginning your search, especially if you’re in public or at work!)

General Layout

When you first load a photographer’s site, chances are you’ll land on a slideshow of images from recent engagements and weddings. If you’re not in a huge rush, I definitely recommend taking the time to let the loop of pictures play through. Photographers are selective about those images; they know that what you see on the home page will be your introduction to their work. If you’re not a fan of what you see in a slideshow, chances are you won’t be a fan of the images they would provide on your wedding day. But the opposite is also true. If you love the images, dig into the rest of their website!

Somewhere on the home page, you’ll find a menu. This could be at the very top of the page, on the left or right side vertically, or under the slideshow. Hopefully, this will hold the key to all the information you are looking for.

Tips for finding wedding prices

In all likelihood, the first destination you choose will be the pricing page. Most photographers would like to believe that clients browse through their entire portfolio and information before looking at prices, but having planned a wedding myself, I know that budget can be the greatest consideration.

Pricing on a photographer’s website can be tricky to find. It can be found under labels such as “Pricing,” “Investment,” “Packages,” or “Information.” Sometimes, you can’t find the pricing at all. Some photographers do not post their prices online; others will only say what their prices start at. As someone looking to find a photographer, this may seem to make little sense. However, many photographers do not want to be immediately scratched off your “potential wedding photographer” list simply because of their prices. By not posting their pricing, they are hoping you’ll to get to know and love their work before immediately ruling them out. Usually, these photographers will gladly share pricing information early in the consultation process.

It’s important to note that just because a photographer doesn’t post prices doesn’t mean they are expensive. Some photographers prefer to customize packages, and so don’t have flat rate fees, while others simply want to connect with you before talking money. It’s up to you whether you choose to follow up with a photographer who doesn’t list their pricing, or narrow your search to those websites that provide you with numbers.

Where to find information about photographers

Beyond pricing, you’ll also want to know more about the photographer themselves. In the menu, look for possible headers such as, “Information,” “About Us,” Who We Are,” “Meet Me,” etc. Some photographers take a personal approach to this section and talk about what they like to do in their spare time, and other photographers tell you more about their business and how they approach wedding photography. Regardless of the approach, this page can be a good basis for getting to know the person behind the camera. After all, you’ll be spending your day with them!

Keep in mind that some photographers don’t have an “About” section at all. If you can’t find one, I recommend checking out their blog (more on that below) to get a sense of their personality.

One key piece of information to look for is the photographer’s location. Many photographers travel, but charge a travel fee to cover transit and lodging. This frequently means local photographers are more likely to fit in your budget; however, the right personality and style of the photographer can far outweigh travel concerns.

Where to find a photographer

Seeing the photographer’s pictures on the home page or in a slideshow is a good start, but you’ll want to see more of their past work before making any decisions. Many photographers have a blog where they post recent shoots, while some have sections called “Portfolio,” “Gallery,” or “Wedding Photography,” and some have both.

Scroll through some previous engagements and weddings and see how they make you feel. Photographers work hard to create a personal style, and as you see more pictures, you’ll get a better idea of their finished products. Chances are, if you like the pictures you’re seeing, you’ll like what they deliver to you.

Advice on how to read a wedding photographer

My final advice? A photographer’s website should be easy to navigate. While you can always contact a photographer to clear up questions, I recommend seeking out photographers who have well put-together websites that are easy to navigate. These photographers have designed their websites for your benefit, and they’ll (hopefully) be just as courteous in their professional services. If you’re having trouble finding information due to a disorganized website, you may want to consider moving on in your search.

When you find a photographer that you’re really interested in, explore their whole website! Read any testimonials or reviews they feature. Gathering all this information will help you decide if they’re the photographer for you. When questions arise (and you will have questions), contact them! I personally get really excited when I receive photography related emails, so email away!

If you have any questions about this post, or about the wedding photography we offer, you can use the contact button in the menu to get in touch with us.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer – Part 1, Research

Hooray! You’re looking for a wedding or ceremony photographer!

First thing you do? Head to the internet, of course! The internet is a wealth of information; this should be super easy.

You go to Google and type in “Chicago wedding photographer.” Approximately 40,100,000 results are returned.

So you scan the first page of photographers. Then the second. Then the third. You open up promising websites in a new tab. Your browser expands, filling up with options of potentials. Or, maybe not. What if after the third page you have no options??

Whether you have 17 options open or 2, this guide to choosing a wedding photographer (written by a wedding photographer) lays out step by step what you can do in your hunt to have your wedding day documented exactly the way you’re imagining.

Step 1 – Research

While Google is the first step that many think of, there are also some other avenues you can take first. And there are also ways to use Google to your full advantage.

Step 1a
Anyone you know who has gotten married recently can be a great source for vendors. Ask them what photographer they used and if they liked the service they received and why. The “why” is important.

For example, maybe they loved the way their photographer(s) told them exactly what to do and how to pose and where to stand for every  picture. If that’s something you want as well, great! But if you’re wanting a photographer who stands back more and lets the scene unfold without much direction, you may want to continue your research.

Step 1b
There are also many specialized wedding blogs that cater to different personalities. Are you a quirky kind of person, planning to do things a little non-traditionally? Check out Offbeat Bride. Are you wanting to keep things simple and more toned down? Look into A Practical Wedding. Gay or lesbian? I recommend 4real equality weddings.

These blogs all have vendor lists, or you can use the search tool on the blog to see if weddings in your area have been featured. Finding a photographer through one of these resources means that you’ll find someone who fits into your definition of your day.

Defining who you are and what type of wedding/ceremony you’re having can go a long way in helping you narrow down the vast field of photographers (and other wedding services) out there. Plus, these types of blogs have tons of other great information to help you with your planning.

Step 1c
Once you decide what defines you in terms of your celebration, you can return to Google with your new knowledge. Instead of searching “Chicago wedding photographer,” you can search for “Fairy tale wedding photography Chicago,” or “Kick ass wedding photographers in Chicago,” or whatever else suits you.

Searching for “kick ass chicago wedding photographer,” by the way, turns up 2,680,000  results. When you narrow down your search terms, the first few pages will hold more relevant information for what you’re looking for. There’s no need to spend hours of time sifting through every, single, option.

Definitely experiment with different search terms, too. Certain searches may pull up many results, but none that are actually helpful. Keep thinking of different ways to define who you are, and go explore!

P.S. Keep in mind your choice of photographer (and other services as well) may be limited by your venue. While not every venue has limitations, certain venues only work from a set list of vendors. If you have a few ideal venues, it may be worth checking if they have a list of vendors they work with.

Happy hunting!

Part 2, How to Use a Photographer’s Website, will be up shortly! Check back for the link.

If you have any questions about research, or if you have your own tip about research, feel free to contact us and let us know!

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer – Part 2, How to Read Photographers’ Websites » Triquetra Photography - […] our last post, we covered how to start researching your ideal wedding photographer. Next up? How to untangle the […]